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At Personal Touch Safaris, we offer various payment options, be it online by card via Secure Payment Service suppliers or via direct bank transfers. More details will be supplied upon your reservation, but please be aware that all payments should be made free of ALL bank charges to recipient.
Full payment is to be done before start of the Safari. 

Any and all payments must be made out to Personal Touch Safaris. An invoice will be submitted for each payment made and will clearly state payment details and other financial information.
Kindly have a look at your specific terms and conditions to see our entire payment and cancellation policy.


For security reasons we do not publish our account details, but we are happy to e-mail them together with your pro-forma invoice.

Easiest if you prefer to make a direct deposit or funds transfer into our accounts. Ensure the right currency is chosen the amount receivable is matching your invoice, so ALL bank charges are paid on your end.

Please do send us an e-mail when transfer or deposit has been made, so we can follow up your payment with our bank.


And yes, we are also able to accept Card and various Online Secure payments via our partner's secure payment site.

As we are dealing with guests from many different countries, we offer a custom solution that enables you to make cross-border payments quickly and easily online.

Ensure the right currency is chosen, the amount receivable is matching your invoice, so ALL bank charges are paid on your end. You will find all information together with your reservation confirmation and invoice. 

Tips and hints with a Personal Touch


Hidden bank charges with Electronic Funds Transfers

Please keep in mind that many banks route international payments through correspondent banks in the USA or elsewhere, and we have seen many times where these banks take charges over and above what the sending bank will charge you, normally in the region of $25 to $45 per transfer.

We recommend speaking to your bank about this before making any bank transfer

We at Personal Touch Safaris have a contract with our bank and all payment providers, so that no fees are charged for any incoming funds, therefore we cannot be responsible for payments that arrive in our account less than expected.

We also cannot be held responsible for payments that you have made to an incorrect account.

Please be aware that all bank transfers should be made free of ALL bank charges to recipient.

Safety with online payments

Safety with Online payments
Following any link will open a new secure window. Before you enter any personal or payment information online, always check that the website is secure. This is indicated by a yellow padlock icon at the top of the screen and a website address that starts with ‘https://’ (the ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’). Always take the utmost care to be safe online.

*Payment Card Industry Security Standards
As an ease of mind know that we at Personal Touch Safaris will never store or see any of your card details. So you are secure with us.
It is for this very same reason we outsourced our online payment processing and we use PCI DSS compliant Payment Service Providers as our payment processors. We at Personal Touch Safaris do not come into any contact with your credit card information. Any security deposits needed for hiring a vehicle will be processed per pre-authorisation as well.

What to bring on safari


Kindly check your VISA regulations, as you would need US Dollars in cash to pay for your visa upon arrival if not already done so via an embassy or e-visa.
Personal Touch Safaris and many other businesses accept payment in Kwacha (ZMW) or US Dollar cash. Some also accept Master or Visa cards via Point of Sale machines. 

Most local businesses, market stalls or restaurants however, only accept Kwacha cash. We highly recommend getting some Kwacha at the Lusaka airport ATM machines or changing some cash if you want.


You shall always be responsible for registration and payment of fees while entering South Luangwa National Park and must obey all rules and regulations set out by DNPW. 
Check our specific terms and conditions for the package interested in to see latest entrance fees. All payments at the park entrance gate are to be made in cash US dollar or Zambian Kwacha and all Zambian vehicle entries (like for our rental vehicles) in Zambian cash Kwacha.
No card payments are possible at the Park entrance gate.

  • Do know that due to forgery issues, US Dollars printed before 2010 are not accepted anywhere in Zambia. Neither are dirty, stained or damaged USD notes, so please only bring crisp and clean money!
  • There is an ATM at Zanaco Bank at the Mfuwe airport and also an ATM at the only filling station in Mfuwe town. Zanaco accepts Visa and Master cards. Especially the ATM at Mfuwe or Lusaka Airport is fairly reliable but be careful of electricity outages. The ATM at the filling station in Mfuwe town is not always working, so you might need a trip to the airport.
  • If ATM is not working, you may also get money off your credit card and the teller at Zanaco (open weekdays 09.00-15.00hrs) or change some cash money there, this is more expensive than using ATM’s.
  • Do remember to let your bank know where you are in the world, as some banks block your cards for outside of your country use.

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